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Project Description
A Bulk & Batch updating list & document properties Ribbon Button in SharePoint 2010. Mainly focussing on the Metadata and Terms Batch Update. This ribbon button makes it possible to update multiple items with a single click, supporting the common used column types like Managed Metadata, Enterprise Keyword, People Picker and many more … Wonder why this wasn’t in-the-box Smile


  • Edit properties in a Custom List or Document Library
  • Edit enterprise and metadata keyword fields
  • Append keywords to enterprise or metadata keyword fields
  • Support for People picker, Date fields, Choice fields, and many more ...
  • Currently there is no support for External Data fields


A screenshot of the edit screen providing a single user interface to provide multiple items with the same metadata,

Each field that is present in the library will show up in the interface, however if the field is added to the Library and not present in the ContentType of the item the value will not be pushed into it, thus making it possible to edit items with different ContentTypes only filling the fields available in each ContentType.

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