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Default value when drop down list.


When we use the batch edit in a a list/library to update multiple meta data.
If this contain a dropdown field, all values are automaticcally updated by the default value of the dropdown field.

1 List with 2 fields
  • Category = (Meta data) with Project, Product, Documents, etc
  • DocStatus: (drop down) with draft, Approved, etc where Draft is the default value
If we use the batch edit to update the "category" for 4 items, this tool will also update the DocStatus by the default values and will put "Draft" evrywhere even if there is already other values.

Is it possible then to have the drop down value cleaned (no values) until we don't select other values and be sure that the tool will not update the existing values ?
Is it possible to solve that ?


boon_chiat wrote Feb 28, 2014 at 1:50 AM

I experience this issue as well. It is a limitation and bug in the tool.

The drop-down will auto populate with the default values, which cause it overwritten the existing value, if the user not intend to update that column.